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I want that kitchen! I really do!Who wouldn't want anything and everything industrial strength? I want industrial strength gel, absinth, painkillers, toothpaste, fillings, bra's, coffee, cigarettes and turntables for gods sake!


I thought I'd do the same. List places I've seen.Zeldman was talking about it a while back, and by reading his, I found these. Ok, I don't really think this is a real weblog.

I really want to build a forum like slashdots. They have kindly put up their source for all to play with. I thought-hey, I'll play, but to be honest, anything that starts with "Perform these tasks as root." scares the hell out of me. Me being root is a bad idea. I'd probably love it and turn straight into the worst bofh you've ever seen.

I surfed off to play. I like potatoland.org. I have no idea why. Perhaps I'm just plain impressed. Java not Flash. Neato.Yep. I'm impressed. Used the shredder to mess with a few sites including mine.What a nice waste of time!

Language check.
A few of my dutch friends have confused me more than once by asking "Are you offline?". Now I have noticed that this expression has spread to swedish and british friends as well. I start answering jibberish about Avids and other editors and confuse people straight back.

It seems very logical to have off-line as the opposite to on-line-on-the-web, but to be "off-line" in the way these people mean is "logged off" (or logged out if you prefer) to me. Off-line, for us adfreaks and other commercial guys, is a way of editing. An Avid is an editor. :) On thursday I'll be off-line and on Saturday I'll be on-line. This has nothing to do with my webaccess. And yeah, I don't have "the internet at home" either, but access to it.


Note that I linked to some nice designsites while I was at it, but very often I hear myself saying "whats the point?" about design sites whilst wishing for more content. The point is, someone else likes that site just the way it is. Find what you want, it's the web aint it? Love all serve all, but your way right away!

Anyway, I'll shut up about that whilst I do a classic 94 move. My friend (in real life) who used to call me a geek back then has actually made a page where he flaunts his photographic work on the web. I havent seen him in five years and suddenly he finds one of my pages and promtly shows me his. :)

The media-on and off the web-however seem to all agree that they made too big a deal of it already (well, then stop writing about it!) and that weblogs aren't interesting, and navelgazing,-Oh my!- because they regurlarly link to other weblogs (Duh, It's normal to link to other points of interest whatever the subject, adland links to other adsites..etc..) Someone likes weblogs enough to make a weblog out of weblogs. Ok, agreed, it's not a new idea, and it's not revolutionary in any way, the point is just that though. Aren't we just a tad sick of commercial pages, fat design-sites, or sites that are designed to link to design sites,yet another online community, yet another webmag, and all the other webideas done to death? Or the "ok" weblogs, which are pretending to be online communities and webmags at the same time? Isn't it nice to surf like in the old days, 'cept nowadays once in a while? And if people didn't make weblogs, personal pages of other kinds, and generally just puttered about on the web, what would these webmags have to write about?



On the Turntable:

Beretta 70- soundtracks from italian policefilms 1971-80

Front 242- "Commando" remix

Front 242- "Off"

On the Turntable:

Lee Morgan - "The gigolo"

(Dave's still asleep-we don't want to wake him too abruptly)

On the Turntable:

Nancy Sinatra "Sugar"

High Fidelity Lounge-Subterranean soundtracks vol 1

Death in Vegas "dirge"

Blue Peter- Widescreen digital

My cats purring (Ok, so that one was on my knees and not the turntable..)