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a moment of silence for Mr Zeldman.

Monday, October 30, 2000   09:55 p.m.
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Feeling down for various reasons - and go to Zeldman to distract myself (he's good at that). I'm greeted with the word Gone. I know at once what has happened. I click on it anyway - with my eyes closed as if that would make it all go away.
His mother has passed away. I wish there was something I could say. There are no words. A hugh stack of of emails sending condolances won't make it better. Hugs won't make it better. It all going away will not happen.
I cry. I light a candle for him, his father, and one for his mother. This might not make it better either, but somehow it's the only thing I can think of. When my father died all I wanted was to be left alone. We all react differently.
You are in our thoughts mr Z.
We love you.

Friday, October 27, 2000   12:35 a.m.
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Netscape finds pattern in chaos - whats related to Fuckedcompany? I'm flattered - and I know that it's my mate Henriks "fault" as he started the comparison on Alexa.com. :))

Wednesday, October 25, 2000   02:14 p.m.
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Found yet another Whassup spoof - this time based on The Matrix.

Wednesday, October 25, 2000   02:14 p.m.
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Back from New York - finally, though my mate Kate had a far worse deal.
She had to fly from JFK to Zürich - loose her luggage (and I lost mine), found this out as we landed in Amsterdam (me with a cold and fever, and that time of the month - so I wasn't pleasant company)... She perks up again as the luggage arrives in Amsterdam a few hours before her next flight to London Luton, then her London flight was late, she arrives there too late for the last bus into London and has to haggle with other transportation before she gets to bed at a friends house.
She gets up this morning with far to little sleep behind her (while I stayed home sick comatosed in bed in Amsterdam) and takes the tube to her train, and gets yelled at by some guy who wont let her out of the tube as she had accidently bought a 1.10 pound ticket and she needed another - he refuses to acknowledge that she actually didn't have the ten pound fine money on her and ignored her and her pleas.
Luckily some kind soul gave Kate ten pounds so that she could finally get out of the tube and catch the train to Edinburgh. She's finally home now, poor thing, and will pass ten pounds to the nearest charity in a regular - pay it forward move to thank her saving angel. Man what a trip - several days of travel just to get home.

Meanwhile, zeldman makes us weep , and I was stressing terribly in New York trying to get a hold of him as I could not log on in New York to email him where I was, the Ad Store receptionist and various phonedirectories didn't help. Man I wish I had gotten to see him. Virtual hugs just don't cut it sometimes.

Home and the cold simple knocked me out - after waking up my workpartner came over and fed me Pumpkin soup as I haven't got a thing to eat in the house. I then rolled up my sleeves to see whats up on the Adlist mailinglist, the Endolist and the Adland and the commercial archive pages. Man I have a load of work to do.... And these are just my hobbies! At the office the work is also piling up... *argh*

Wednesday, October 25, 2000   02:39 a.m.
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