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Hey... I can log back in... Strange how I remember a password like, all of a sudden.. A password that I had forgotten for, well, at least two years.
Oddly, I remember my first street address complete with zip code, and my first phone number in Sweden, complete with area code as well. I wonder where the brains store that sort of stuff?
Caff sent me a cute postcard from the UK when she went on vacation, that was nice. Shame it rained all over Europe while she was here, heh. The sun is out now.. And so should I be really.
Hmmm..... I find people are linking this little page despite it being rather dead. Strange. At least google knows to ignore it.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004   04:28 p.m.
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Pia Kjaersgaard dictionary. danish - swedish - english skal (skall or ska) [shall] selv (själv) [self] ubeboelig (obeboelig) [uninhabitable] jeg (jag) [me/I] er (är) [is] dette (detta) [this] pct (%) (procent) [percentage] førmanskap (ordförandeskap) [chairman]

Wednesday, November 5, 2003   01:41 p.m.
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this blog hasn't been here for well over a year, it's dead trust me, and *now* i suddenly remember the password so that I could log in. åsk keeps her blog at dabitch.net

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cip has revamped bit.ch where you can bitch to your hearts content. You should.

Miklas GoldenBoy Njor is flauting a cute personal portfolio page here with examples of his images airline style. Watch the sickbag.

fuckedcompany.com still the best place for busting up dot.com's

Sunday, May 5, 2002   04:33 a.m.
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