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Yes, you too can rant about ads. The username and P-word is on that page clear as day.

The 1991 Clio's It was "before my time" in the biz so it's great to read this, almost as if I was there.

June 15

He Kicks ass
The once upon a forest Joshua is just way too cool.

June 14

Ok, maybe I'm not Deja Vuing Looping animal sounds are just a trend it seems. At least the Cannes Lions site uses it in a nice way with them buttons. The site is a 200% improvement to last years.

June 14

nublog at content.nu brings up a damn good point about them flash sites, that show the flash first and the non-flashy-site second, simply assuming that you have all the plug-ins and a fat conection already. (or do they redirect all the time and I never spotted it?)
"When was the last time you browsed the aisles of a video store holding a VCR and television in your arms?"
Yes, whatever did happen to those "This page requires flash plugin" pages before a site?

June 14

Hahahaha! Prawnography is good, mainly because they went to these lengths for a bad pun. Aaah, I feel much better and less stressed already. Life is supposed to be FUN!

June 14

"Only go to the meeting that are most important" was someones advice. Ok. That makes it easier. All are about future jobs? How do you know which one you will get? If I knew this, I'd be a freelancers Guru.

June 14

Deja vu..MM's site sounded just like a typical Once upon a forest sound for a moment there. I'm having hearing-Deja Vu's. Anyone else recognise it?

14 06 00

What do you do when peope book meetings with you and don't even ask first? I've been doublebooked from all directions and apparently need to hire my own personal traffic staff. Not even Dilbert has good advice on how to avoid these meetings alltogether. Perhaps I should dress up a real doll and send in my place to some? (And no, I'm not going to link that, you already know where realdoll is)
I hate meetings.

14 06 00

After pulling yet another allnighter I hit my usual slump after lunch at two PM, but this time I could barey keep my eyes open. I thank Maruto for putting up this trip where I could pretend it was night for a few minutes and get some shuteye.
Then the dang phone rang. Technology giveth and technology taketh

06 13 00

I don't know what I find scarier...
Ask jeeves selling "real estate" or the fact that there is a "shop" button on internet explorer! The realestate selling is pretty bad for a searchengine.. Anyone remember the failure of OpenText trying the same thing? It was boycotted, thats what happened! But with so many people online now, I doubt that will happen again.

13 june

I got so much to do!
Don't get me wrong I love to be busy, It just feels shitty that it took me so long to get the commercial-archive.com back up,(and now that it is back, it is getting a lot of mails!) and now I have all these other plans on the burner that need to get off the ground pronto!! The adlisters are eagarly awaiting some changes I announced well over two months ago.. (or was it even longer than that? Shhez!) Right now I wish I could just clone myself.

06 13 00

Wanda is back!
The former circlejerks hostess (and if you don't know what I'm on about, it's the pitas page where a bunch of gossipy ad-grunts shared the password and then it was picked up by the canadian newspapers so someone (wanda perhaps) called Andrew to close the page and uh..Ogh god darnit, just look through the archives or something..Or check the page where Wanda herself explains where the circlejerks went to!)
Anyway, Wanda opened teabaggers and I advise you to keep your eyes peeled to it.
Fun fact. Impress your friends! The teabaggers talk about the bitchpage, (or should I say rant/complain/hate/compare?) and the bitchpage was started because the circlejerks page vanished. It's all gone complete circle now, and I am seriously thinking that the bitchpage should just retire. The teabaggers are better at it....And I got a better idea.

06 13 00

Cannesparty.nl has now been recoded, most of it in a good way. The stuff I don't like is the scrollbars, the looping music and the guestbook being in the actual bottom frame. I didn't do it.


Happy birthday to meee. Bah, I'm ignorig it.No party, just work..and then maybe a movie. :)

06-05 *argh!*

It's sortof temporary in a fashion, but the commercial-archive is back for good!
Don't you worry your pretty little head with the temporary part..Thats just where I put it on the server. My brand spanking new server. It still needs tweaking see. But to you that doesn't matter, as the URL stays the same :)
Oh, and if you can't get there it means I messed up again. *hahaha*


Hello there. I'm back from Japan. I really wanted to make my first entry as soon as I got home, I dropped my suitcase and tossed myself on the computer! But you know how it is, before vacation you work work work to get things out of the way and as soon as you come home you find that everything you delegated to others hasn't been done (properly). Just finished the total rebuild of the Cannes Party site. The suitcase is still not unpacked...