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canadian invasion

On the Turntable:

My entire Front 242 and Skinny Puppy collection.

Searching for servers is getting me tense. :))

On the Turntable:

Micronauts "The Jag"

The Temptations "Papa was rolling stone"

Death in Vegas "dirge"

On the Turntable:

PWOG "Record of Breaks."
Really loud and paranoid.

Ken Ishii "Sleeping Madness"

On the Turntable:

Sugarman Three "Sugar Boogalooos"

The original motion picture soundtrack to Ian Fleming's-"Dr No"

James Brown "Slaughter's Big Rip-Off"

On the Turntable:

Brian Eno
Ambient 1-"Music for Airports"

Brian Eno David Byrne-"The Jezebel Spirit "

Underworld. "Bruce Lee"

On the Turntable:

John Zorn- "Spillane" & "The Big Gundown"

Nancy Sinatra "sugar"

Grandmaster flash and the furious five "The Message"

The Fun Boy Three "It ain't what you do"

Fatboy Slim and William Orbit remixes of Psyche Rock

I've been desperatly seeking serverspace that can take one gig of traffic a day. Turns out the only ones who have anything like that, for a affordable price, are all the porn-site-hosters. Moral dilemma. Take cheap space in a server next to porn or go to server without porn and pay through the nose. Commercials are porn to me, and thats what I'll host. My minds made up.

What does your name mean as an acronym? Mine is :A.S.K.: Android Skilled in Killing . Nice to know that it still suits me. I would have asked for Åsk, but that just turned into S.K.: Synthetic Knight.
mY turtle is G.R.A.H.A.M.: General Robotic Android Hardwired for Assassination and Mathematics, naturally.


Morning. :)
After a welldeserved sleep I jump out of bed and make a .htaccess file. I was wondering last night how many links to my page would end up in no-mans 404 land since I changed all the names. I knew there was a way to fix it.I had it on the tip of my tounge all night but couldn't for the life of me remember what it was. Then I dreamt about it. .htaccess flies around in a dream the way things do.
Surreal. No wonder my friends think I'm weird.
So, that fixed I know that there only a few font tags specifying too small and a few titletags to fix. and probably a million spelling mistakes. That'll be later. Looked at all the tacky postcards late last night laughing the whole time. Maybe I was tired. Maybe the page was great.


I've finally rearranged Adland. Well, I cleaned up most of it and made a mess along the way. Forgot to change the titletag in most places and have probably forgotten to redo a few pages while I was at it... Tired now. :) Ops, I forgot to sleep!


Someone just emailed me this:
"The classically minded among us may have noted a new TV ad for Microsoft's Internet Explorer e-mail program, which uses the musical theme of the Confutatis Maledictis from Mozart's Requiem. Where do you want to go today?' is the cheery line on the screen, while the chorus sings 'Confutatis maledictis, flammis acribus addictis,'
which translates to 'The damned and accursed are convicted to the flames of hell.'
Good to know that Microsoft has done its research."


Someone just emailed me this:
"The classically minded among us may have noted a new TV ad for Microsoft's Internet Explorer e-mail program, which uses the musical theme of the Confutatis Maledictis from Mozart's Requiem. Where do you want to go today?' is the cheery line on the screen, while the chorus sings 'Confutatis maledictis, flammis acribus addictis,' which translates to 'The damned and accursed are convicted to the flames of hell.'
Good to know that Microsoft has done its research."


Yesterday note about the circlejerks was in the Globe and mail, but unfortunatly the little story never made it to the online version (if it did, I can't find it) Any Canadians out there feel like scanning it or mailing me the text of the article?

Just spoke to Andrew who tells me that it was actually the Circlejerkies themselves who asked him to take the page down. Pronto.
Andrew was suprised to find the article in the paper and his phone ringing off the hook from reporters calling to ask where they page went to. I asked if I could get the old posts and reposts them somewhere, but since the owners of these posts-the circlejerkies themselves-asked for them to be removed that is of course a no-go kiddos.
So there you have it folks. The posts are gone, and unless one clever circlejerkie saved them all and decides to repost them somewhere, they will never see daylight again.


Meanwhile, if you like classic ads and don't mind reading them in Danish, this is the place to go, Danske reklamer , all ads are from around 1960. Great nostaligia.
Watch out for the banner ads though, I was greeted by this one. Yuk!


Big Man S infoerms me that he found the explanation to the mysterious dissapearance of the Circlejerk page. Apparently yesterday, on the cover of his national newspaper, an article ran which described the goings-on at circlejerk, and gave the website address. Oh dear.
The circlejerks must have gotten millions of hits!
I'm curently scanning all online newspapers to see if I can find the story.


Just got an email from Big Man S. who alerts me to the fact that circlejerk is is inaccessible and now redirects straight to diaryland.com. I have no idea when that happened nor why. Perhaps the mysterious hostess Wanda asked for it to be closed down. Perhaps the mudslinging simply got out of hand.

Meanwhile, the random gossip experiment is as quiet as ever, no mudslinging and no real comments, just me talking to myself and listening to the echo in there. 80 people have the password. Do you want it as well? You know who to call.


I seriously want this guy's job. But only if it actually involves going to the shooting range and killing iMac's. I hate the keyboard, I hate the mouse. I hate the lame letter i got from apple when I asked if there were better keyboards and mice available (there are). Good design shouldn't get in the way of function.
My tiny fingers hit the F-keys too often by mistake (it is soo annoying) and I really miss a ctrl key on the right hand side on the keyboard since when I run Linux the ctrl-l becomes an akward two-handed movemnet as I can't reach with my tiny hands across the keyboard. That said, I like the performance of my G4, I just want a better keyboard. And mouse. Better stop now before i start sounding like these guys.


Change agency?. After spending a week accompanied by a senior account exec. whose favorite phrases were :" I don't know when that change of the copy happened, I wasn't there." and "I think the client want's..." and her only response to any "why?" "Who said?" and "What for?" was "I don't know." I am currently wondering-more than usual-what they hell the AE's actually do apart from bug the hell out of me, so when I saw the Fastcompany article my eyes stuck to the "abolishing the classic account-management structure.". Wee hee! Sounds great. Then i saw their solution, "Assign each client a "navigator" -- an agency staffer who makes sure that work gets done right but who doesn't serve as an intermediary or filter.".
Isn't that exactly what the Senior account does, with the help of traffic, especially since in large agencies they only have one client each most of the time??
Or is that just me?


It's late. I'm poking about in some work , bored, when suddenly there's a knock on my box from the neighbour. Rexflex-thought was "sh**t, did I play the music too loud again?", but it's the neighbour here at Pitas.

"Dammit, Bitch, it's "gibberish"-- "gibberish"-- gee eye bee bee ee ar eye ess aitch. GEE GEE GEE." says Toadex Hobogrammathon from dagmar-chili
I actually physically smack my hand to my forehead, too hard *ouch*, and remove the offending "jibberish" which unfortunatly still taints my archives. Very Duh. Silly me.
Whatever happened to borrowing a cup of sugar?

12-04-00 Virtual VooDoo
This is just a really really useful page in this day and age and don't mess with me because I know how to use it. 'K!


I am not a webdesigner and will never be. How can anyone be so good they make a page about vacuumcleaners look oh so cool? I'm dead jelous.

And I'm a little worried. The past history of vacuumcleaners proves despite all the "neat" inventions and "improvements" they mention, the vacuumcleaner is still essentially exactly the same thing now as when it was first released.
I know exactly what my mother would say about that, adding the classic "we can put man on the moon" phrase in there.
Why aren't there remote control infrared vacummcleaners that automatically hoover for you -in silence- once a day while you are say, sleeping or out? WHY WHY?? I hate vacuuming dammit.


I have read every entry in Andrews diary and every eggpost he sends out.
Am I silly?
Oh, and while I was at it, I got eggpost mailed to me. I can't get enough of Andrews writings!
Is there a twelve step program I can join?

It's the no content ever promise that suckered me in. Who the hell is that honest these days?


On my to do list today was start building the site for the party that we will be arranging in Cannes again this year. I thought "great!", we'll stick it on our old serverspace where our page was mainly collecting dust anyway, http://www.party-slut.com, but of course, the url pointing there will be http://www.cannesparty.nl instead.For a moment the client got really confused. Don't you just hate that? It's not registered yet kids. It'll take a few days. .


I give up. Somehow I always build Dave's page in my opinion far better looking than mine and I just did it again!
He doesn't really use it, so he won't mind if I copy the table color on the left idea.. ..:)) After all, I made it anyway...
shame my archive won't look as good. Oh well.


Today I moved this page to Pitas. I already have the random ad gossip experiment here, I gave out the password to roughly 80 people hoping it would turn as lively-but not as nasty- as circlejerks similar experiement. Circlejerk is hosted by the mysterious Wanda who works iin the adbiz in NY. Beats me (and her) who all the others are.

Stumbled into these pages via circlejerk and thought they were great. They are hosted and as I understand made by Andrew who writes hysterically funny stuff in his diary and his eggpost emaillist.

So I moved my new weblog/diary/waste of space here as well. Can't get it too lok quite as nice as I did at home, but man it's great to just simple click and update..


Got this silly "award" after fiilling out a questionare.

Oh really? 48% Bitch?

I guess that is true then.

I'm terribly dissapointed mind you.

When I took the Bastard test and answered honestly to everything except the gender question, I was 55% bastard.

I could rant the "men always get the higher score/have it easier" thing here, but I can't be bothered.