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Yes, you too can rant about ads. The username and P-word is on that page clear as day.

Hey look, aint this cute, Burger King had a similar idea to them british veggies (or was it just a similar brief, stating "work the movie chickenrun into this ad any way you can!"?) using the chickens from Chickenrun in an ad saying "Save a chicken eat a Whopper" (as if eating a cow is any better but whatever..) and now, they are getting sued by Chick-fil-A chicken company!

July 3

You gotta hand it to the veggies of London. They sure know how to target ads.

Yes I had a good time in Cannes thanx, mainly because the party was a success and after that I could breathe a sigh of relief and relax a bit. :) Nice. (and don't even think that bad pun was intentional!)
Returned home to find I was swamped in work as punishment for leaving. Thanked the gods for that french airstrike which left me stranded in cannes for one more day of relaxing before coming back.

Swamped with work and mail. Mainly nasty mail. Dumb as fuck questions and idiots galore. People complaining about "ALL" (the washing powder) ads on US tv because some kid throws mud on a dog (!) and asking me to get it off the air as if I was the ITC or advertising authority of the US. Oh Please. And "fan" mail from sarcastic people, and when I get too much attitude I simply ask people to stop mailing, and ignore them. But people get mad when I do that. So it turns to real fanmail like this one:"I have just one thing to say to you and your website: Dog poop."
What a comeback! Give him a big hand folks.
Seriously considering filtering all webtv and aol.com mail to /dev/null or a moron-folder now.
Yeah I know, just ignore them. Get thirty of these a day and you'd be slightly annoyed too though.
Actually, I should be flattered, they think I'm _the_ authority on anything regarding ads, as if my site is a professional one. Thats a compliment I guess. :)

July 2

'Morning. Going to cannes today. Be back next Monday.
The party is on wedensday and we still have a lot to do , I have a feeling that we'll be making masks right up until the last minute.
And I need businesscards. Jeez, gotta go quickprint some.

June 20

My favorite ad in the archive? It's the mattel, Intellivision one. Why? I think it's proof that bland comparison ads don't work. I remember Atari, but I never saw an Intellivison.

June 19

Icon Icon Icon, They are everywhere, and mostly in bad light there days.

June 19


June 19

If I see

 Compilation failed in require at ./slashd line 29.
one more time, I'm gonna screaM!

June 19

This allnighter thing is becoming a bad habit every second night for the past three weeks, luckily nice guys like zeldman keep me company, he's working day and night with the cold from hell that won't go away. Aint it sweet that he still had time to look around the Commercial-Archive, find that great apple commercial, and mention it in his coming.html log like page?

June 19

I just realised that if I change domainnames for my site I not only have a million links to reset, I also have to change my 230 sigfiles.*iiK*
Whaddya mean "get some real problems?" These are real problems! :))

June 19

I really want to join in thw GraphicDesignGate competition in making an international symbol for a net-community, I suggested this competition because I think a symbol like this is neccisary but also because I already had an idea somewhere in my head that wants to be made. It has something to do with the old symbol of communities and an asterix *.
Now my deadlines all jumped at me at the same time and I'll never have time to make it. BUMMER!

June 18

Rude Service of the Day:
Walked in to the dutch version of Blockbuster Video (called MovieCenter) to return my high-tech DVD's. I said I was late and asked the guy to check my fee on their high-tech computer.
- Yes, that'll be 15 Guilders, he said.

I only had 14.50, so I asked if I could "pinnen" a charge-straight-to-my-bankaccount way to pay, ususally found in almost every small shop, tobacconist and Cafe in Holland.

He looked at me as if I was an idiot.
-"pinnen? No, it's like if you go to Zimbawe, you can't pay with creditcard."
-Aaaah, yes, this videostore did remind me of a war-torn 3rd world underdeveloped country.

June 18