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If I make a page for a band, a hypothetical band, or a band with some eighties sounding name; "White lizzies" or something, like this page.. Do you think people will donate money out of guilt? I might get rich!

1 05 00

I've been logged off all weekend since it was Queensday here. A mad party all over the country from early morning to late at night. The carneval in rio can hang it's head in shame because the dutch can party like that in drizzling rain.

The elian->Whazzup spoof has been permanently yanked. I'm suprised it was the photographer complaining and not Budweiser!


Whoever David Tomlin at AP is, he is a real party-pooper. He asked to have the Elian film at geocities removed, and gone it is, also he made them remove it from sixsite. Now he is nagging, unsuccesfully so far, to have the last remaining film removed from Newgrounds.
Pack up kids, party is over, the big fat copyright cats are here.


Just when you thought it was safe Telia in sweden changes their logo, and invent a newer and funkier swoosh. Oh please!


It was bound to happen. Whassup Elian?


Hell.com is for sale. Thats so nice,
"-what did you do today dear?
-I bought hell."
I found out by going to http://hell.com/IS/ONLY/A/NAME/
It will eventually take you to Absurd.org, where they play disrespectfully with letters like confusing bilingual people like me. I read their title as pronounced Obsyrd Oerg, and don't find it amusing.
This reminds me of my friends T-shirt actually, he bought it in New York and it had funky japanese charachters on it. What he didn't know was that the japanese Kanji was spelling out "(i am a) stupid american". The joke is on the gaijin. :))
I'd love to be able to do that. Let me just say are not different accents, but actual letters.
Alone means river, and means island. Don't misspell and misuse, you could be saying something nasty in another language.Exchanging for in a word can set you in a lot of trouble, even if it just looks like funny dots to you.
Ok, enough of that, can you tell that I'm really sick of having my name misspelled? International spelling is = aa = ae and = oe.


This is funny, someone visited my adland page directly after being at this page reading up on the wedding stuff. :)) Who is going to marry that workaholic? He/she didn't do it once either, but a whopping 23 times! Must have the page set as starting page. Also someone entered from wedding.gogrrl.com..I suspect it's the same person.Good luck on the big day girl.
(yes I can see every footstep you take before coming to me and what you do once you are there.. Makes you paranoid doesn't it?)


I just find this movie of a large man eating big sandwich and drinking milk strangely compelling. Great clips overall at the think tank


I'm pleased to see this headline:
TBWA loses key Art Director. in ad week. Not because I actually care about this particular AD and his carrear moves, but because it made the news, next to the usual: "So and so loses CEO, so and so loses AE, so and so gains new head of accounts".. etc etc. The Art Directors and Copywriters are damn important too,(after all, without AD's and CW's what would those CEO's and AE's be doing?) and it's nice to see ad week catch on.


It's Easter and in the spirit of..er...something or other I'm adopting cast off mascots so that they can have a new home and tender loving care. :) Or maybe I'm just laughing sadistically.


I was reading thia article about net ads and saw the quote "Advertisers are now reallocating dollars to the Internet that were originally planned for TV, broadcast and print.".
Really!? ok... and the 'Why' : "Internet advertising makes it possible for businesses to stay close to their customers -- to recognize their individual needs and preferences and create highly personalized, interactive relationships."
Yes, it's targeted, oooh I've heard that so often, but now it's personal too, oh joy, so I clicked on all the IBM, COMPAQ, Verio Store builder, Andersen Consulting. E-marketeer and Microsoft B.central Ads, and filled in some questionnares (completly lying) on the sites because guess what: As a mac-owning, already have my own linux server, don't need no shopping crap because I can build my own, couldn't care less about consulting, Art Director, I was still interested in that news and those ads were so not aimed at me.
More personal ey? Yeah, for 80% of the people. Same as for off line ads kids.


This spring cleaning bug aint letting me go, thats a good thing I guess because I just tossed some lame stuff off the inspiration links page.


Oh look, we can make a virtual newscaster, who is not too ugly and not too hot, who reads her lines stiffly and with a monotone "serious" voice, blinks just enough, has a fashionable top and exactly the shade of lipstick so that is slightly distracting. Just like real CNN newscasters! Rejoice!


Why can't the british say "plop"?
"Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is." became "Plink, plink, fizz, fizz.." In the UK.
Methinks the british have way too many slangwords for "number two". Plop shouldn't be one of them. If that is what plop means, I'm just guessing here.


OOoh, you must come to Adforum.com proclaims their oh-so bragging pressrelease, claiming that they are "An innovative new tool" and are "changing how the advertising community looks for ads".
Scuse me, bull. I'm part of the community, and I looked for ads online before you even thought of Adforum.
Anyway, lets try them shall we? After the "quick at my fingertips" registration and password hassle.... I hate that stuff. Do they really need to know my postal adress? Ok, 100B, the moon.

"AdFolio's user interface was designed for busy executives who need information at their fingertips. "You log on, you search, and the work is right there," says publisher Sofia Arhall, who oversees web design and architecture. "And searches can be as detailed or broad as the user wishes.""

Ok, I want to find. *hmm* Quick! Think of global brands that has made lots of ads, oh I know Carlsberg. Agency Saatchi & Saatchi, country denmark, category beverages. Result.Sorry, no results were found for your search.. Ok, that was a hard one. Lets try for that Fanta ad that they keep showing on MTV europe then. Fanta-Commercial-any country-search! Sorry.
Nike then, thats gotta be here. Nike, any country, any ad, any category. Search! ...Sorry,.. Now you have GOT to be kidding! Wait, I just saw the small print. Over 2000 ads available. Ah, the 2000 ads that I am not looking for then ey?

Hmm, but in your annoying email to me, it states "So far, AdForum contains portfolios on more than 10,000 agencies, as well as 4,000 creative executions from the United States, Europe and Asia." Not online yet then? Or does portfolios mean "adresses to agencies" to you guys, because to me, it means a selection of ads. If they have 10000 portfolios, they should have at least 10000 ads.

Oh great, I can get all "all 59 winning video reels and print ads, and includes English subtitles, creative credits and storyline." from the Epica awards! Only if I buy it for 150$ of course. Too late kids, I have the book and the video since I am a winner, and couldn't care less about buying some CD rom. Or if I did, I'd go straight to the nice people at Epica-awards.com. Heres my favorite part:
"A 34-year-old native New Yorker, Hubschman oversees a staff of eight in North America and six in Europe. "A third office," he says, "is due to open in Asia later this year to serve the Asia-Pacific Rim."
With that many people working on this site, how come you have the same moreover FREE newsgenerator as me and Chris have on our private sites?

Trying to find Roche Macaulay & Partners , anywhere had no results. *sigh* Don't send out big mouthed pressreleases too early guys. I'm really not interested in you 60 million dollar five year plan. For 60 million, you could get your own newsreporters. All the winners of every award ever, all the entries in archive and som REAL CONTENT. All you got is some half built phonebook for agencies.


I'm lauging so hard I'm going to cry!.. Uh-Oh, wait..If I pitch this site to some of my clients, they'll actually buy it..Now I really am going to cry.


I don't know what is dumber.The ad, the cop with the dummy, or the lawsuit.


Though I misspell things constantly when writing here, I never did in an ad, and I couldn't agree with this guy more.

There is something pornographic about this.
(Haha, made you look.) But honestly. There is. Or do I need to get out more?
This is nice one as well. There is definatly something pornographic about this one. Remember. We are all whores.


I want it! I want the ad supported word perfect suite! I want ad supported maps, plastic bags,notepads,receipts, flights,tickets,toiletpaper and toothpaste too! Horaay for ads! Lets have more ads everywhere!


This is what the circlejerks were ranting about for a while? A canadian beer-ad? By the way, it can be viewed at adcritic.com , I hate when online articles just name the URL and don't actually link.
Lazy bastards.


Pornstar or My Little Pony? This and the Alanis morisette lyric generator, and my all time favorite what does your name mean as an acronym? makes this site well worthy of wasting your time at. My turtle is :"G.R.A.H.A.M.: General Robotic Android Hardwired for Assassination and Mathematics", but I've already laughed at that far too long. I think I'll make him sign for his tank.


The most fascinating aspect about the whole benetton campaign is not the pushing of boundaries, the shocking tactics, the irreverance of Oliver Toscani.. But the fact that after working for a fashion brand for all these years, he still wears god-awful glasses!

Another fascinating fact is that the journalist Brad Wieners commenting here has completly forgot to fact check."And it's done more to raise consciousness about certain issues than public interest journalism. Example: His photographs of the army fatigues of a youth who lost his life in Bosnia, fatigues sent him by the youth's bereaved father.".
Read up, dude. According to the book titled "Benetton, the family, the business,and the brand" about "Known soldier" it states -" Gojko Gagro-the father, saw the image on the German newspaper Die Woche. Gagro confirmed that he had supplied photographs of his dead son, which were not used, and a statement, which was. Most emphatically he said that he had not supplied the bloodstained clothing which appeared in the image. He repeated that his son's clothes had been burned at the hospital where he died, adding that if they had not been burned, he would never have given them away:" It would have been like selling the legs of my son". Furthermore, he pointed out that his son had died from a shot to the head and not to the chest, as suggested by the bullet hole in Benetton's picture.".
So theres another myth turning to fact because reporters just re-report without fact-checking.


I shouldn't do this in the mornings. The posts were so dull lately I had to archive it away. Last night I spoke to zeldman about his new dead ads in the graveyard not being quite that dead, and that he was in dutch adformatie this week, so he promptly put it up in his webloggy type of page. Now I linked that and the circle is complete.